Aperture presents Christian Tiger School


We’re hosting tonight the fourth episode of a party/documentary series called Aperture.

Formally speaking, “Aperture is a series of documentary videos which focuses on the diversity of electronic music in South Africa.

I just got a notification which states we’re in fact hosting one of the biggest parties in Cape Town this weekend. Dig it.

So far we’ve focused on Damascus, TehSynes and Groove Afrika.

You might enjoy those videos: here.

Tonight we’re presenting our biggest act yet, Christian Tiger School.

We’re also cooking up a website for the duo…

Update: Aperture is featured in between10and5‘s Young South Africa series, link here.

Now that’s what I call poetry (2013)

Robin Brink

Now that’s what I call poetry (2013)


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Have I told you about the time I sat in a room with South African Christian, Jewish and Muslim professors in conversation with a real Tibetan Buddhist monk? So set in their ways, they could just not see the point – but the joke’s on them if you’d seen their aged grey faces in the light of their youthful guest. Writing this I guess the joke’s on me too.


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Pitchfork Rising: John Wizards

John Wizards

My brother Geoff plays guitar and keys in a band called John Wizards.

They were featured this week on Pitchfork rising.

Previous Rising alumni include Disclosure, my favourite house producers of the moment.

As OX++ I’m about to drop a remix of a John Wizards track called LEUK.

News on that when it’s out.

Our friend Sebastian Borckenhagen has produced their album art and a music video.

Our collective glowLDB has produced a live video for the band too…

Google Maps

First post

Welcome to the first post of my personal blog at glowLDB.

The picture here is a Google Maps projection of where we live.

The perspective looks pretty far out!